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We are upgrading! New tours and courses will be announced 30th April 2020 

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Wildlife Tours

Several tours and courses related to nature, wildlife and relaxation in nature. Our tours are only for small groups, private persons and couples. We believe in non-crowded experiences!

Mikaela B.


Spent a fantastic weekend in the Norwegian nature with Augustus and Line from Nordic Wildlife. We stayed in a small, native cottage which made the experience even more authentic.
They took us out for a stunning evening boat trip, and the next day a relaxing canoeing trip in a river with crystal clear water. We always had a beautiful view of Rondane’s National Park.
Augustus also showed us a bear’s hibernation place he had found. Would never have found these lovely spots without the guide!!
A trip with memories of a lifetime. 5/5 stars, and will definitely return in the future!!

Simon H.


Fantastic weekend with Nordic Wildlife, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and just adventuring into the quiet, lively and serene wildlife of Norway. Augustus, the guide, is exceptionally knowledgeable.

Asked him a bunch of questions and he gave tons of practical advice on how to navigate with compass-maps-etc, set up bonfires in different weather conditions, how to dress properly, etc. Feel much confident about living in the wild now. He's great company too, very social and friendly. So are the other guides too! 5/5.

Michael G. 


A truly unforgettable trip of a lifetime was delivered by Augustus and his popularity is due to the tailored services and not one detail ignored upon initial conversation. This is someone who has a passion of the country who doesn't work this job because he has to, rather he wants to. You can see that in every bit of information initially discussed when I took the risk on an individual starting out his own business after years of review/experience/education.

Contact him immediately. I promise that your wishes will be granted, you will have your own custom tour at a price comparable or less than the big, bland tours that companies offer, and you will be with a professional guide who will seek all possible to make your trip to be everything you wanted.

We want to facilitate different nature- and wildlife experiences as close up meetings with wild animals in their natural surroundings and guided tours. We also want to give people with a stressful weekday, a possibility to get close to the silence of nature in only a few days, to relax and charge their batteries.

We are located in a spectacular area of Norway, with boreal forests, great wildlife, and mighty mountains. It gives us the opportunity to do what we love the most - being outside, and we want you to come with us to explore the wilderness, and we fit the activity to suit you. 

Some of the guiding activities we do in Stor-Elvdal is: World´s largest moose, canoeing, sleeping outside, hiking, exploring waterfalls, teaching in survival skills and basic outdoor knowledge, fishing and more.

Kongeørn i Stor-Elvdal
Villmarkskurs Nordic Wildlife.jpg
Campsite with bonfire

Meet The Team

Augustus Moltubakk

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Age 26, Bachelor degree in Wildlife Management. Photographer, Guide and Managing Director

of Nordic Wildlife.

Line Victoria Sverdrup

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Age 23, Influencer, Blogger, Freelance journalist, Outdoor enthusiast and Guide for Nordic Wildlife.

About us 

Nordic Wildlife is a newly established adventure company that facilitates nature photography and guiding services in the Norwegian nature, only 2,5 hours from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Nordic Wildlife runs their business in one of the largest wilderness areas in southern Norway, which offers magnificent scenery with boreal forests, mighty mountains, and great wildlife.