About Nordic Wildlife

Nordic Wildlife is a newly established adventure company that facilitates nature photography and guiding services in the Norwegian nature, only 2,5 hours from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Nordic Wildlife runs their business in one of the largest wilderness areas in southern Norway, who offers magnificent scenery with boreal forests and mighty mountains.


It all started at Inland University Of Applied Sciences Evenstad, where Augustus Moltubakk created a fictional company during the subject Business Development and economics, as a part of a bachelor degree. During the period with Business Development as a subject, the idea grew and became more than just a fictional idea. 


The company needed a name that covered wildlife, nature and photographic experiences in Norway, and hence Nordic Wildlife Nature & Photography Tours. 


We want to facilitate different nature- and wildlife experiences as close up meetings with wild animals in their natural surroundings and guided tours. We also want to give people with a stressful weekday, a possibility to get close to the silence of nature in only a few days, to relax and charge their batteries. 


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